After Five Attire

After Five Attire

After a day’s hard work, we all want to have some fun, get refreshed or take care of our personal and professional commitments. Some of us head out to parties others head out to attend important functions and some of us go out for company meetings. Dressing up perfectly is as important as being there for the function. Your after five apparel should complement the theme of the function. You just can’t wear anything and leave from your place. You have to be impeccably dressed, as they say Clothes Make the Man.

What does an After Five Apparel Mean?

An after five wear or attire is often the attire you choose to wear for a formal or casual function. The professional attire which you wear from nine to five is called your work clothing and the attire for example, a cocktail dress or cocktail suit which you choose to wear for an important casual or formal function is called an after five attire or a cocktail attire After the clock rings five in the evening, anything you wear is going to create an impression wherever you go.

After Five Apparel for Men

The usual after five attire for men is the evergreen formal black suit. Now once you’ve worn the suit, the next and the most important thing to get is a well suited tie for this black suit. Today’s generation argues that a tie can be optional, but take my advice if you want to turn some heads around, wear the tie which compliments your suit. The suit’s color should always be decided according to the season. In winter black is the all time favorite while in sunny hot days light colors are preferred and the choice of fabric also depends according to season. If it’s hot, a light fabric such as silk would be ideal while in cold seasons a heavier fabric like wool would be a smart choice. The color of the tie should compliment the color of the suit and the shirt. To play safe, most of us opt for the vintage silk ties, it is classy and it defines fashion. If you are attending a casual function, like a cocktail party indoor/outdoor or a wedding reception. You can drop the suit and wear a nice jacket and a tie. Always wear a well ironed, good pair of trousers and please drop off the jeans, not even clean black jeans. Jeans are never bad, but if you are attending a function or a party make sure your dress suits the theme, because an after five dress code is always specified in these functions and we should adhere to the dress code.

After Five Apparel for Women

Different attires are chosen for different occasions and for women an after five attire consists of cocktail dresses, gowns and suits. If you are attending an opening or a formal wedding, a business function, collecting an award, choose a formal skirt, or some nice pants. Going out clubbing and dancing essentially requires party attire which involves comfortable dressing. Opt for short skirts, comfortable trousers and shorts which will allow you to groove on the dance floor. Dancing makes the body sweat so choose the outfit accordingly.

After Five Apparel for Plus Size Women

It is not tough anymore to go shopping for plus size clothing for women, you just have to figure out what to wear. Cocktail dresses or gowns can be worn even in weddings held after 6:00 pm, just be careful not to wear white at a wedding because that color is reserved for the bride that day. A lot of accessories and jewelry complement plus size cocktail dresses. Just remember to wear the right shoes and carry a matching purse. Plus size cocktail dresses are available in most of the retail stores in your block.

You can pick up a perfect after five gear at your nearest store. If you face difficulties, ask an assistant buyer or shopper to help you out. I hope this article on after five attire has given you enough information on which attire is suitable for which occasion. Dressing up appropriately is very important, as it also shows your personality traits. So wear the right suit or dress and rock the party.

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