Are Plus Size Clothing Sizes 10 and 12 Really Plus Size

Plus size clothing starts at either size 8 or 10 depending on the area in which you live. The fashion industry has deemed it acceptable to call any size over this line plus size. This is strange since over 16 percent of the women in Australia and the United States wear a size 16 and over. Sizes 10, 12, 14 and even 16 are sometimes caught up in the size limbo. They’re not quite straight sizes and not quite plus sizes. For example, Fashion Bug, a mid priced chain, has a junior/miss side and a plus side on most of their stores. On both sides of the store you can find sizes 14 and 16. But take a piece of clothing from each side of the store which has the same size on it, and you will soon discover the fit is radically different.

So what’s a woman to do if she falls in this Twilight Zone of sizes? Some times straight sizes will do and sometimes only plus sizes will fit. Plus size clothing has undergone a positive change in recent years. More designers are offering trendy and youthful styles that not too long ago were reserved for straight sizes. That being said, why is it that sizes 10 and 12 are considered plus sizes by many designers and the fashion industry? Back in the 1950’s and before women who were healthy looking and had some meat on their bones were in vogue. Look at the beauties such as Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell that by today’s standards would be considered plus size.

In the 1960’s androgyny and waif thin models began to be in style. Twiggy, while a supermodel and a great talent, epitomized this movement toward boyish figures and thin models, and this trend has stuck with the fashion industry ever since. What was once considered sexy was looked upon as obese and unhealthy. Women with curves had to suffer through the frustration and disappointment of trying to find trendy and mod clothing that actually fit and looked good. Plus size clothing was drab, baggy and unattractive. If you were a young girl or teenager then you know the tears and shame of having to wear plus size clothing that looked like you got it from your mother’s closet.

There is a movement in the fashion industry today headed by brave designers who want to do away with the line of demarcation between straight and plus size clothing. Queen Latifah, plus size models such as Robin Lawley and others are speaking out and expressing the opinion that the term, plus size clothing, needs to be trashed. They feel, and rightly so, that fashion should be for everyone no matter what size. If this idea is embraced, sizes 10 and 12 can then take their place beside the other sizes and no longer be the line that separates almost a quarter of the consumers in the world.

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