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Tips for Buying Plus Size Bras and Intimates

Do the complaints of small breasted women send your blood pressure sky rocketing? Are you tired of hearing “At least you have breasts.” Being well endowed doesn’t make life easier and if you are blessed or cursed with larger breasts than you know the pains of reality. Nothing fits right quite right and it’s hard to find bra’s that fit your curves properly. Although buying a properly fitting undergarments to fit your curves isn’t easy, it’s not impossible. With these tips you will find that you will look and feel great in intimates that suit your needs.

Get Measured: I can’t stress the importance of getting measured by a professional. Your body has most likely changed since you were first fitted for a bra. Maybe you’ve had children, maybe you’ve lost or gained a few pounds. Regardless of where life finds you, chances are you will benefit from a new fitting.
By the Right Size: Don’t be tempted to buy the wrong size because you like it better or because the store doesn’t carry the right one. Buying the wrong bra is going to detrimental to your appearance. If it’s too small it’s going to end up causing your bulge and if it’s to large you’re not going to get the support you need.
Don’t Underestimate the Benefits of Shapewear: Shapewear can be your best ally when your trying to smooth your curves and look great in any outfit. The right shapewear can help create a smooth line from your breasts to your hips making you look great and feel more confident.
Shop Online: The internet is a great place to shop for those hard to find sizes not always readily available at your local department store. Not only do you have a wider selection online, but you are also able to shop in the privacy of your home, something that many woman prefer when they are buying intimates. If you do shop online be sure to be prepared by knowing your true size and acquainting your self with the companies return policy.
Treat Your Self to Something Stylish: Just because you may need more support or a bigger size doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style and turn to your average white bra. Lingerie retailers are aware of the plight of the plus size woman and have extensive lines dedicated to your needs.
Don’t Sacrifice Quality: When it comes buying plus size lingerie your biggest mistake could be sacrificing quality for quantity or lower prices. You will be doing your body and your wallet a major disservice if you buy bra’s that are of low grade quality. While you may save money immediately in the long run, bra’s that aren’t made well will break, stretch, and need to be replaced quickly. If price is a major issue, look online for bra sales where you can find quality bras for discount prices.

The Numerous Benefits of Plus Size Bras

Plus size bras have numerous benefits for the heavily endowed woman. The main benefit is health but there are a variety of societal reasons for wearing plus size bras. Plus size bras support, cover, and elevate the breast while providing modesty, femininity, and sexuality.

First let’s look at the health reasons for plus size bras. A full figure woman has heavy breasts. Breast movement is a concern for big busted women. Unsupported breasts move when you walk around. They move even more when you exercise. This causes the damage to the Cooper’s ligaments that help support and uplift the breasts. The result is premature sagging. A proper plus size bra will prevent movement and damage to these ligaments thus delaying saggy breasts.

Excessive breast movement can lead to neck, shoulder, rib, and back pain. During activities your breasts can move extensively. Plus size bras lift the breasts off the chest wall and help support the weight of the breast tissue. The goal is to minimize movement and support the excess weight by distributing it across the back and shoulders. To help prevent pain, your plus size bras must fit correctly and have a good supportive band.

Unsupportive breasts can also lead to irritation. When you exercise, you sweat and your breasts flap against your chest. This can be uncomfortable and lead to irritation. Sweat collects under the breasts and free flowing breasts continually hit against the chest during movement. A proper plus size bra will lift the breasts off the chest wall and reduce the sweat and the slap.

The societal reasons for bra wearing are numerous, especially for the plus size woman. Society expects women to wear bras, especially in the United States. In fact, we almost demand that woman wear bras, particularly the big busted ones. Many people view a braless woman as immoral, loose, tasteless, unprofessional, immature, or just out-of-touch with fashion. By choosing not to wear a bra, a woman is open to all these unflattering opinions about them. It is especially deemed wrong to go braless if you are a full busted woman.

Wearing a plus size bra helps with modesty. Bras cover a woman’s breast, reduce nipple protrusion, and helps with proper shaping. By wearing a bra, large busted woman is saying that she is part of the societal norm. She is modest through her modest covering and she knows what is expected of her.

On the other hand, some bras bring a lot of attention and give an inner satisfaction. Plus size bras, like most bras, have a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They make a woman feel sexually alluring and some actually accentuate the breasts more. Bold colors and sexy styles can turn a man on. They also help lift the breasts in a manner that is youthful. Bras, such as the push up bra, create more cleavage and bring more attention to the breasts. However, these are still part of the accepted societal norm. People are even allowed to show part of their strap or let their bra show through a sheer blouse.

In today’s world, plus size bras are a must for the well endowed. They lift the breasts from the chest wall preventing sagging and discomfort. They minimize sweat and nipple protrusion. They promote modesty and fulfill the societal norms. They also can promote an inner feeling of beauty and sexiness. Plus size bras help large breasted woman feel comfortable and supportive in every way.

Plus Size Bras How Do I Select The Right One For Me

When it comes to plus size bras, you may have no real idea what your true size is. In the US, there are a considerable amount of women that wear the wrong size bra. In fact, that number is estimated at 2/3rds of all women. Yes, you are likely wearing the wrong size. The good news is that it is not hard to learn to calculate bra size based on your actually need rather than what you think you are. Determine bra size has so many advantages as well. Not only will you feel more comfortable but you will also look better in the clothing that you wear. Plus size or not, you are sure to benefit from a good measuring.

Determining Bra Size

The first thing we want to do is to determine your plus size bra’s size. To do this, follow these steps.

Measure around your frame first. To do this, you will want to use a measuring tape to measure around your ribcage, without including any breast tissue in this measurement. Write this number down.
Add five to this number to determine bra size. For odd numbers, round your number up.
Now, measure your body around at the fullest part of your breasts. You will want to be wearing the most comfortable bra you have for this measurement. Keep the tape measure level around your body. Write your number down.
Finally, take this number and subtract the bra size number from it. Determine what your cup size is using these numbers.

0 to inches: AA
to 1 inch: A
1 to 2 inches: B
2 to 3 inches: C
3 to 4 inches: D
4 to 6 inches: DD Or E
6 to 7 inches: DDD or F
7 to 8 inches: G

Now that you know what the right size for your bra is, you can find the perfect, sexy plus size bras for you to select from. Bras in large size do not have to be uncomfortable or ugly for that matter. You can find a wide selection of plus size choices offered to you throughout the web. In fact, now that you have the right plus size, you can find comfortable large size bras that are well fitting, offer just the right support and make you look nothing short of amazing.

You can select from bras that are in various colors and styles. Today, designers are offering more and more selection to choose from. You can find sexy plus size bras with lace made of satin or silk. You can also find form fitting pieces that will give support and help to tuck away those unforgiving areas that you hate. There are those that offer help when you have too large of a breast as well to help provide support. There is no shortage of options available and plus sizes go well up there even beyond that chart.

After you calculate bra size, your world of plus size will get better. Now that you know what will really fit you well, you can easily find the best pieces for you. And, what that does is truly amazing. Your clothing will fit better and you will look beautiful in them. Some may even tell you that you look thinner or perhaps sexier and they will want to know what you did differently.

In fact, having the right plus size bras will really boost your self esteem too.

Plus Size Bras Can Be Sexy

Looking for the perfect bra is difficult for all women. Because each and every woman is different, each with a unique size and shape, finding the right bra is a big, big task. Finding the perfect bra is much more difficult if you are overweight. Plus size bra should both be supportive and comfortable, and should not be restrictive and unflattering.

Plus size women nowadays are lucky because the market is full of plus size bra promising to provide support and comfort in the chest area. And these plus size bra even comes in pretty designs and yummy colors! In the past plus size bra looks generic, made of durable, functional stuff like cotton, and plus size women do not particularly find shopping for underwear an enjoyable experience. But nowadays, just look around the mall and you will find plus size bras with beautiful laces and intricate designs that look very sexy and very pretty.

Sexy plus size bras are very popular right now. Women reward themselves with pretty undergarments to make them feel better. Having a rough day at the office? That’s nothing a feminine lacy plus size bra in silk, lace, or satin with under wires cannot take away.

There is a new generation of plus size bra out there so unlike the drab, boring plus size bras of the yesteryears that were made only to serve its function. These pretty sexy bras of today can range from sports bras to sexy, lingerie-type of bra, to everyday-wear bra. Sexy bra are usually lacy and can be considered peek a boo bra. Some opt to choose bra made from lycra, which is very comfortable because of its stretchiness. There are plus size bra that hug the full form of the woman’s breast, and there are those that are shaped like a half-cup, designed to show the topmost portion of the breast. These sexy plus size bra are available all over, and plus size women buy these because they can be very sexy. However, there is that tiny danger “showing too much” when plus size women wear demi-cups.

Plus size bra can be made of various materials – satin, cotton, lycra, lace or silk. They may have under wires and pads or may have criss-crossing straps at the back. Some are non-padded, and some are strapless. Some enhance the form of the woman’s breast and some try to downplay very full breasts – these special bras are called minimizers and they tend to be more expensive than regular bra. There are also special bra called maximizers, which as the name implies, help women enhance their gifts. Plus size women normally do not go for maximizers and since more often than not, plus size women are gifted with beautiful, full breasts. Most women opt to buy regular plus size bra that is pleasing to the eyes, comfortable, and non-restrictive.

Wearing the right bra can do wonders for a person’s figure. It will make the woman feel good about herself, feel comfortable and confident, and will subsequently help improve her posture. Wearing sexy designs in a somewhat seductive material like silk will undoubtedly help a woman feel better about herself.

Plus size bra is perfect for pregnant women. During pregnancy, the breasts enlarge and the woman’s old bra may not fit, or may feel too restrictive. During this delicate, special period, pregnant women may opt to discard their old bras and wear plus size bra that fits just right. There are a lot of plus size bra made specifically for mothers. These are called nursing bras and are designed to help the new mothers in breastfeeding their babies. These plus size bra are very comfortable and give incredible support, and some designs can be very pretty also. Easy snaps are built-in for hassle free milk feedings which will become very handy especially during those late night feedings. Plus size bra for the mothers should have good support but it is important that they should be unwired because they will wear them when they go to bed and wired bras are very uncomfortable. Usually, the material used are cotton and lycra which both give excellent gentle support to the new mother as she journeys into the path called motherhood.

Discovering the Right Size Plus Size Bras

Over the last few years plus size bras have gotten a lot better. Not only has the quality improved but there is a much wider selection available. The result is that most women are now able to get bras that fit them better and are a lot more comfortable. That being said you still have to know how to buy the right size bra if you are going to get the full benefit out of it. A rather sizable percentage of the female population are wearing bras that don’t fit properly because they don’t know how to determine what size they need.

There is little value to choosing a bra that is the wrong size for you. If it doesn’t fit properly it will be very uncomfortable and you won’t want to wear it. It is usually the cup size that is the problem. Women tend to buy bras with cup sizes that are too small. This transfers all of the weight to the straps which will really put a lot of stress on your back.

Getting the proper measurements is the first step to making sure that you get a plus size bra that fits. Start off by putting on your best fitting bra and grab a tape measure. You will also likely want to have a friend help you, holding the tape in place and reading the numbers can be awkward by yourself. The first thing you will want to do is measure the area under your breasts. Put the tape around your rig cage. You should be measuring this in inches; in all likelihood you will get a fraction just round it up to the next whole number. This first measurement is called the band size base. Next place the tape around your upper chest above your breasts. This will be called the band size confirmation. Lastly you will want to measure your breasts themselves put the tape right over your nipples. This is your cup size.

The next step in choosing the right plus size bra is to do a little bit of math. Start off with the band size base number and determine if it is odd or even. If it is even add four to it if it is odd add five to it. The number you get should be the same as the band size confirmation number. They don’t have to match exactly but they should be within about an inch of each other.

The last step in choosing the proper plus size bra is to figure out what your cup size should be. Take the band size measurement that you just determined and subtract this from the cup size measurement that you got. For each inch you are going to want to add one cup size. So if you get a one your cup size will be an A, if it is a two you will need a B. Now you have all of the information that you need to find the right plus size bras.