Make Your Own Plus Sized Clothing

Make Your Own Plus Sized Clothing

It is extremely easy to make your own plus sized clothing, you only need to know how to sew and make a few alterations. Here are a couple of great tips to make great looking, stylish clothing for bigger women.

If you know how to sew and use a machine this first tip will be easy for you to do. This first tip will also be much cheaper for you if you do not like to buy plus sized apparel online or in the stores. Search your local department store or sewing store and find a plus sized pattern.

You want this pattern to include several different pieces, like skirt, slacks, blouse and a dress pattern. This way you can make a complete wardrobe using only one or two different patters. Next, look on the bargain rack for the material you need to make the clothes. You can usually find beautiful material for a-lot less.

Use the pattern to make several different pieces of clothing and make sure that all the material you buy matches the others. Now you will be able to mix and match. By making your own clothing you, reduce the cost of having to bye ready-made pieces that cost you a great deal of money.

Another thing that you can do is look for clothing on sale at the stores you like. If the apparel is not your exact size no need to worry. You can buy two of the same pieces and take part of one to enlarge the other. Cut one of the items down the center in the back or front. Take the other same piece of clothing and cut out a wide section of the front or back. Then sew the cut out section into the piece you cut down the front or back.

Now the clothing is large enough for you to be comfortable in and move around without binding. If you cannot sew or do not know how to do this kind of alterations, it is easy to find a good tailor who can make the adjustments for you at small cost. This will still be much cheaper for you to have nice clothes at a reduced cost.

Larger apparel is expensive especially if you have to pay full price for it. It will be much cheaper for you to make your own plus size clothing yourself. Furthermore, buying and altering the clothes on sale keeps you in the current style so you always look your best all the time.

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