Club Attire

Club Attire

Have a fetish for chilling out at night clubs and shake your legs in full glory? If you are a regular at night clubs you need not worry about what to wear to a night club. What about those who are not seasoned campaigners on the party and club circuit? They would naturally need to get an idea about what is club attire and clothing. So, coming up exclusively for the newcomers on the clubbing scene is an overview of club attire.

What is a Club Attire

Club attire is all about dressing in a chic fashion, in tune with the ambiance and the purpose of the club, that is mingling with people, dancing and in general having fun. So, the mantra is to wear comfortable yet trendy clothes. If you are talking about something like a country club, the wardrobe choices are limited to less jazzy ones. Instead, they are polished and structured as far as country club attire is concerned. Read more on exotic club and dance wear.

How to Dress in Club Attire

Night Club attire for men as well as women sometimes depends on the club being visited and the area the club is in. In some clubs, there is a specific dress code, while in a few others there is no such rule. Nevertheless, lets take a look at club attire for girls and club attire for guys!

Club Attire for Men
To start off, a collared dress shirt sans a tie would be great. A dark pair of jeans which is structured well will also be perfect. You can also wear a casual sweater and a long sleeved shirt teamed with smart trousers. Whatever you wear, make sure it is ironed well. Shoes have to be in sync with the attire and if you are doubtful about that, wear the usual blacks and browns. Khakis would also do but preferably avoid wearing stone washed or acid washed jeans or pants in men’s clothing for clubs.

Club Attire for Women
Wow! The fairer sex has umpteen options when it comes to club attire. From short skirts to low rise jeans to short dresses (Uh, did I forget to say that they should be most flattering?!), they can pick whatever they want. Incorporating leather clothing, animal print, metallic or sequined pattern would be just great. Heels are a must. if you don’t own a pair of heels, knee high boots will go well with the club wear. Don’t forget to team the attire with loads of accessories! Go all out on accessories! Wear sandals, flats or sneakers if you don’t want to get an entry! In case of plus size club attire for women, these days, if you are a bit out of shape, no worries! You can wear form fitting and skimpy clothes as much as the slimmer girls can. So halter tops, empire waist tops, mini skirts and vinyl wear is all there for you to choose from! Read more on plus size clothing.

Upscale Club Attire
Upscale club attire for women includes mini dresses and skirts, especially if you are talking of Vegas club attire. Dressy heels, dressy top teamed with pants of the same pattern are recommended for upscale women’s clothing. Remember you are dressing for do out of the office. Flamboyant and flattering are the 2 words to remember! On the other hand, men can get that mean upscale look with a jacket and slacks. In some cases khakis would do.

Thus the bottom line is, that upscale club attire is a notch above the casual jeans, t-shirts or shorts which though, will not mean that you dress in formals!

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Fashion Clothing Well, all this description leads to one thing – dress to impress! At the same time though, when donning a club attire, make sure you are comfortable and do not be conscious of what you have worn, be relaxed and have a gala time!

Look Stylish With The Right Plus Size Clothing For Women

For some women, shopping could be a real put off because they find it so frustrating to look for the right plus size clothing for women that will actually fit them properly. You know how it’s like when you happen to find something that you really like only to discover that the size or cutting does not seem to fit properly. Either it’s half a size larger or smaller than you would want it to be.

How Do You Know It Fits?

Now for women who enjoy shopping online, they will tell you that it’s important to know your own body measurements in order to check with clothing stores online. So when you see any clothes for plus size women that you really like, you could always have a look at the clothing measurement and dimension to see if it’s able to fit your body frame or not. And it’s also easier to contact the clothing store asking them for recommendations and advice when you have the information. That’s one of the ways which you could check whether the clothing of your choice will fit or not. Having a proper, comfortable fit will help you look stylish in the clothing that you wear.

Work On Your Personal Looks

Although you may be able to easily find clothes for plus size women online, remember to take some time to work on your personal looks as well. Maybe you may want to have your hair done in a different manner or use make up that will complement your skin complexion. Different types of clothing style will go well with different personal looks. For instance, you may look better in dresses or outfits that are of a specific cutting. While it’s always good to have a look at all the different models wearing the plus size clothing for women, the questions is, will you look as good as the models? Some clothing may require additional add-ons like scarves, coats or jackets to make you look more stylish. Consider all these when you are shopping.

Consider Your Height

If you happen to be quite tall, you may want to consider ‘layering’ your clothing with different color jackets or cardigans. And if you are not that tall, avoid getting clothing with padding so that it will not bulk you up further. The same works with choosing patterns for your clothing. Stripes and different color patterns will create different effect.


Size will not be able to limit any women from looking fashionable and really good once they put their mind and will into it. All they need to do is to consider the different design, styles, color and additional accessories that will make their plus size clothing for women look really good on them. Happy shopping ladies!

Women’s Plus Size Clothing That’s Stylish And Trendy

Womens Plus Size Clothing – Trendy and Stylish Fashions

As a plus-sized woman, it’s very difficult to find stylish clothing to fill out my wardrobe. After all, it’s not as though I can walk into the Gap, J.Crew, or Banana Republic and buy something in my size since those places don’t carry any full figured clothes. Instead, I end up shopping at big box discount stores where I’m limited to a selection more suited to a grandmother than a 30-something professional.

One of the women in my office is nearly the same size as me, and I can’t help but notice that she always wears the most fabulous outfits. They’re tasteful, fashionable, and modern, which is what I’ve been looking for in full figured clothes for the longest time. I was dying to know where my co-worker did her shopping, so one day I got up the nerve to finally ask her. I have to admit that I was surprised when she told me that she buys all of those great full figured clothes online.

Apparently, there are several online retailers that specialize in providing stylish full figured clothes for plus-sized women who want more wardrobe options. These websites offer a wide range of casual clothing and activewear, as well as business attire and formal gowns. In addition, some of the stores even sell lingerie and shoes — which are products I definitely have a hard time finding in my size. My co-worker wrote down a bunch of website addresses for me, and I checked them out as soon as I got home.

I have to say that I was absolutely floored by all of the terrific full figured clothes I saw! As promised, the apparel I found online was far better than anything I’d ever seen at the mall. The outfits were designed to fit in the most flattering way, and actually looked like clothing that someone my age would wear. What’s more, I was happy to see that the prices were very reasonable, which means that it won’t cost me an arm and a leg to get the full figured clothes I want.

All of the websites I checked had detailed sizing guides to show me precisely how to take my measurements to ensure that I’d pick out full figured clothes that fit. I followed the instructions to determine my size, and then had a lot of fun selecting a bunch of different shirts, dresses, pants, and blazers that I wanted to buy.

Now that I know where to buy stunning full figured clothes that enhance my looks, I’m finally enjoying the whole shopping process again. I’ve already received numerous compliments about my new wardrobe, so I know I’ve found the right style. I can’t wait to make some more purchases as soon as I get my next paycheck!

Are Plus Size Clothing Sizes 10 and 12 Really Plus Size

Plus size clothing starts at either size 8 or 10 depending on the area in which you live. The fashion industry has deemed it acceptable to call any size over this line plus size. This is strange since over 16 percent of the women in Australia and the United States wear a size 16 and over. Sizes 10, 12, 14 and even 16 are sometimes caught up in the size limbo. They’re not quite straight sizes and not quite plus sizes. For example, Fashion Bug, a mid priced chain, has a junior/miss side and a plus side on most of their stores. On both sides of the store you can find sizes 14 and 16. But take a piece of clothing from each side of the store which has the same size on it, and you will soon discover the fit is radically different.

So what’s a woman to do if she falls in this Twilight Zone of sizes? Some times straight sizes will do and sometimes only plus sizes will fit. Plus size clothing has undergone a positive change in recent years. More designers are offering trendy and youthful styles that not too long ago were reserved for straight sizes. That being said, why is it that sizes 10 and 12 are considered plus sizes by many designers and the fashion industry? Back in the 1950’s and before women who were healthy looking and had some meat on their bones were in vogue. Look at the beauties such as Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell that by today’s standards would be considered plus size.

In the 1960’s androgyny and waif thin models began to be in style. Twiggy, while a supermodel and a great talent, epitomized this movement toward boyish figures and thin models, and this trend has stuck with the fashion industry ever since. What was once considered sexy was looked upon as obese and unhealthy. Women with curves had to suffer through the frustration and disappointment of trying to find trendy and mod clothing that actually fit and looked good. Plus size clothing was drab, baggy and unattractive. If you were a young girl or teenager then you know the tears and shame of having to wear plus size clothing that looked like you got it from your mother’s closet.

There is a movement in the fashion industry today headed by brave designers who want to do away with the line of demarcation between straight and plus size clothing. Queen Latifah, plus size models such as Robin Lawley and others are speaking out and expressing the opinion that the term, plus size clothing, needs to be trashed. They feel, and rightly so, that fashion should be for everyone no matter what size. If this idea is embraced, sizes 10 and 12 can then take their place beside the other sizes and no longer be the line that separates almost a quarter of the consumers in the world.

See more information on fashionable plus size clothing at Volupture.

Leading Women’s Plus Size Clothing Designers

Leading Women's Plus Size Clothing Designers

Anna Scholz is a well know and respected label in the fashion industry.  Anna was born in Germany and moved to London in 1990 where she started sewing lessons and work as a plus size model. Anna’s career as a fashion designer really excelled when Lane Bryant bought her first collection to showcase in their 10 best stores.  Anna launched her own label soon after and began to exhibit her women’s plus size designer clothing line to the world.  In 2009 Anna created her own website and launched her online shop exclusively for plus sizes selling a beautiful women’s plus size clothing line suitable for all age groups. The plus size clothing line includes women’s plus size dresses, plus size bottoms, plus size tops, plus size coats and jackets.

The Anne Harvey plus size designer label specialises in plus sizes between size 16-32 and  is owned by “Alexon” a popular shop that carries exclusive women’s plus size clothing lines that offer exceptional quality garments. I have carried out a little research on this label and from the little information available I know the label has originated from Anne Whitney born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  in 1919 moving to New York in a position as a model at Harvey Berin in 1938. Berin offered Anne in house training as a designer as he realised her natural flair for fashion and for detail. In 1940 Anne married Tom Fogarty and continue to work in the fashion industry.

In 1950 Anne worked for Youth Guild and deigned a full skirted dress that later became her signature look. In 1957 Anne Fogarty became an in-house designer for Saks Fifth Avenue and opened her own firm, Anne Fogarty, Inc in 1962. The business closed in the 1970s although some labels survived through the work of her long-time business partner under the “Leonard Sunshine” label. Even after retirement Anne continued to design and finished a collection for Shariella Fashion only months before her passing in January 1981 in New York City.

The Lane Bryant Label has been around for over 100years and still leads the way in women’s plus size clothing industry today. I have an article dedicated to the achievements of Lane Bryant and the women’s plus size designer clothing line for anyone interested in a little History Of The Lane Bryant Label needless to say she will always be remembered for her contribution to the women’s fashion industry.

There are a few plus size designer labels worth keeping an eye out for including:
COLLEEN BOW has a really trendy plus size clothing line that is very impressive to say the least.
TAILLISSIME has over 400 adourable women’s plus size clothing items to veiw suitable for any age group. 
ANNE WEYBURN offers a stylish women’s plus size line for mature women has over 290 plus size clothing options for plus sizes to browes over.

All of the above women’s plus size clothing collections are available at OneStopPlus the plus size paradise of online shopping.

Market of Large Size Men’s Clothing

Market of Large Size Men’s Clothing

Market of Large Size Men’s Clothing

Large size men’s clothing is also known as as well as or added large size clothing.

It focuses on more than sized men who can not fit into the regular sizes of outfits offered in the stores.
This kind of men and women have an choice of deciding on distinct types of clothing from large types of stylish and comfy collections.

It comes in each soothing as nicely as vibrant colors.

Large size men’s clothing is normally made to measure clothing for men and women who do not have the proper and ideal figure but wants to wear all sorts of stylish and funky dresses.
The aim of the stores selling in addition size clothing is to market place great appears and not to encourage obesity in men. These stores market exclusive models and appealing shades of diverse clothing pieces like large size suits, added large sized shirts, and large sized trousers.

In addition to these, this kind of stores also cater to the customers who want customized products.
These stores primarily concentrate on the customer relations thus performs their level greatest to satisfy the customers to sustain their clientele.

Their primary emphasis is on the delivery time and the good quality of the products. They keep on innovating excellent and indigenous styles. They enhance the productivity and also the profitability of their stores by giving a classy edge to the customers. Their unique and essential element of the solutions is economy and reliability. Each and every production stage is strictly monitored as there is no compromise on the top quality.

They follow a standard, sophisticated and detailed top quality program. They are extremely specific in regards to the exact specifications of the merchandise.

They attempt and sustain the existing trends of the industry.
The large size men’s clothing is is also known as outsize in number of of the countries. In U.S.A. these size are labeled from 14 and upwards and in U.K. it is labeled from 18 and upwards. They are also accessible in sizes above extra large for males. Diverse countries adhere to different measurement standards.
The primary marketplace for large size men’s clothing are United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia. These spots have are available up with a whole lot of stand alone and person stores dealing exclusively in plus size clothing. They have also a lot of on the web stores to store from. It is effortless to access and men and women all close to the globe can acquire most recent and fashionable large size clothing from these stores.
Go here for large size mens clothing.

Plus Size Clothing Model Caroline Worsley on Love and Life

Plus Size Clothing Model Caroline Worsley on Love and Life

Plus size clothing model Caroline Worsley recently shared her experiences of modeling and her outlook on life in general in an interview on Plus Size Models Unite. Caroline grew up in a conservative town in Northern Virginia and attended college in New York City. She became hooked on the diversity and vibrancy of New York and after college she began to work as a fit model. Fit models can be any size as long as they conform to the look the client needs. She says she really liked the idea of traveling, working and getting paid in clothes. While at a party in Miami she was approached by a booker who suggested she try out plus size clothing modeling. In her interview she said she’s never heard of plus size modeling before and decided to check it out, signed with his agency and has been modeling plus sizes ever since.


Caroline says women and girls who aspire to be models should do it. Her advice is to smile, be confident and on time to each go-see. Clients will remember a model that is upbeat and professional. She also advises any would be models to be clean, neat and dress in simple clothes. This way a client can tell what type of body you have and how their plus size clothing will fit on you. Keep your makeup and hair simple; clients want to see how you look naturally. She also says to remember that modeling is not like acting. You’re there to make the clothes look good, but you still need to be confident and pleasant. Keep learning about the business and build your contacts; always network with the crew including hairstylists, photographers and make up artists working on plus size clothing shoots. All of these people can help you to learn and advance your career.


As for health and beauty, Caroline says she watches what she eats. She tries to eat healthy natural food and stays out of the sun. She relates that the sun is the one thing that will age you quickly. When she goes to the beach she wears a large hat, 100 SPF sunscreen and sunglasses. She said she notices a lot of difference in her skin than in skin of other plus size clothing models who don’t worry about sun exposure. When asked what makes her uniquely beautiful she said it is her “fierce determination”. She said she feels everyone who is kind to others is beautiful and there is no one set standard for beauty. She shares her adventures, experiences and philosophy in her blog, EverythingCaroline. To quote Caroline, “The best thing you can do for yourself is to choose to live your life with people who you love.” The is great advice for aspiring plus size clothing models and everyone.

Plus Size Dresses for Special Occasions

Plus Size Dresses for Special Occasions

Plus size women who want to dress up for a party often face a strange conundrum, they are always plagued by what to wear and if the dress, they have chosen, is elegant and dressy enough. Many women begin to self doubt and think that the dress is making them look too heavy or bulky. While choosing plus size dresses for special occasions it is very important that you choose a dress that is of the latest fashion, but at the same time it should flatter you too. A fashionable apparel that might look great on a size zero model on the runway, might not work out for you. There are many designs, styles and silhouettes of dresses that looks good on plus size women. Knowing these plus size fashion, designs and styles is the first step in selecting plus size wedding dresses, or perfect dresses for special occasions. Here we are going to discuss all about plus size dresses for special occasions.

Special Occasions Plus Size Dresses

Finding a plus size special occasion dress might seem intimidating, but you can find a figure flattering and sophisticated dress if you know which cuts and silhouette to choose. The kind of dress that you choose, will also depend a great deal on the event that you will be attending. For a black tie dinner, plus size formal dresses that sweep the floor, or knee length plus size cocktail dresses are appropriate. For a simple party with friends any evening dress pattern with high heels will work well. The trick to finding a perfect plus size gown or dress is to make sure that the dress throws attention on your face and neckline and diverts attention from big hips or jiggly thighs.

Grecian Draped Dress
One of the best dresses for plus sized women, that is fashionable and dressy enough to wear to a special occasion, is a Grecian draped dress. There are many designs and styles of Grecian draped dresses and one of the best is a shouldered Grecian dress that comes up to the knee. These dresses should be ideally in a jewel color like emerald, turquoise, fuchsia and gold for a dressy look. Crystal embellishments under the bust or shoulders will give such dresses a very classy and elegant look. White and gold Grecian draped dresses, that are floor length with antique gold trimmings, are best for wearing to a black tie affair.

Faux Skirt and Blouse Dress
One of the best plus size dresses for special occasions for women is the faux skirt and blouse dress. The most unique aspect of this dress is that it looks like two separates, i.e, a skirt and a blouse worn together. But it is actually a single garment that is perfectly coordinated in the top and the bottom half. Faux skirt and blouse dresses come in many designs, from the simple to the more flamboyant. These type of plus size evening dresses are great for any event in the daytime like a polo match or a charity auction. Pastel colors in the top portion of the dress with dark hue at the bottom, looks elegant and classic and is also good for concealing wide hips and waist.

Drop-Waist Dress
Another good dress design to consider is the drop-waist dress. A drop-waist dress is a dress whose waistline is lower and which elongates the upper portion of the body. The skirt of a drop-waist dress is shorter than the bodice and it is one of the best plus size dresses for special occasions for girls since it conceals a flabby tummy, and throws attention to the legs. Drop-waist dresses in fabrics like jersey, raw silk and chiffon are the best plus size clothing material. While choosing drop waist dresses for special events, make sure that you pay attention to the hemline of the dress, as it should not be too short and also ensure that the neckline flatters your face.

This was all about plus size dresses for special occasions. Always purchase dresses that do not have big prints and patterns. There are many designers and boutiques that have a large selection of plus size dressy dresses. With the right plus size dress silhouette and designs, you can look elegant and sophisticated and ready to attend any event.

Plus Size Clothing-How to Find Good Variety!

Plus Size Clothing-How to Find Good Variety!

Finding good variety in plus size clothing is not that easy since; there is an essential lack of variety for this kind of clothes in our local market. If we talk about plus size designer clothes, the situation becomes even more complex. Often when you visit any local store or retailing shop, you feel disappointment that in most cases, plus size clothes are unavailable. Or, if it is available then they are below standard and essentially lack style or good looks.

Off course, being a women you need a variety of clothing for business, formal or party dresses for different occasions. Unfortunately, being a plus size women you often find it difficult to get your fashion choice in your size. However, you can overcome this problem by shopping plus size designer clothes online from the comfort of your home. This can be beneficial for you in many respects. You can choose a dress of your choice without compromising based on availability or outdated styles. There are a lot of styles and colors to choose from particularly, you can find a wide range of designer clothing in plus size. Here you can select your favorite colors and designs while at work or home.

When you buy plus size clothing, choose a style that suits you, not what you think is appropriate for you. It should be your own decision what you want to wear and how to wear. Off course, when you wear clothes of your own choice, it stimulates self confidence in your personality.

Although women who need size 16 or larger are more in number than those who need size 14 or so yet, there is an essential lack of designer clothing for such ladies.

In fact, the demand of plus size designer clothes is increasing day by day. So, it was a sorry state for such women that top designers were not taking interest in introducing plus size designer clothing range for them.

However, if you are experiencing difficulty in finding plus size designer clothing near your marketplace, try searching on the internet.

Many designers have displayed their exclusive plus size range on the internet. Various types of dress in a substantial range with classic yet contemporary look can be found there in sizes up to 26.

All types of casual to party wears can be found online, take the time to find something special. The Internet, in fact, provides you with all the information you desire about price range, fit and availability. There are so many fantastic and innovative designers, just like women of any size you are only limited by your budget!

Shopping Tips Buying Plus Size Clothing

If you are considered a much more person size? If so, what clothes you wear? If you are like numerous other plus size, can respond to a thing from a store shelf. While you possibly can shop at a department store or a traditional clothing store, you know that there are stores formulated just for women, plus size and men? There, if not already done so, you can desire to look at a visit.

When it comes to shopping or browsing, at least for your plus-size clothing store, there are numerous people who are wondering why they need to bother, specifically if their clothes have already been purchased elsewhere. What you must remember how the plus size clothing is no longer the exact same as before. Mainly because the growth of SMEs, in addition to clothing and accessories, you will discover now many designers, who have begun to focus on persons obtainable who are like you.

As stated above, plus a modest fashions are not necessarily what they were before. In fact, some would be very hard to refer for the old kind and fashion apparel medium-sized enterprises. The same can’t be said of modest and medium-sized fashion apparel, accessories and more today. It is now feasible to glimpse and feel beautiful model, while women are the tiny and medium-plus, or even a man. You will discover lots of plus size clothing products that have been created to create you appear very good over a day hanging out with friends, the day inside gym, working day, or a night on the town. No matter what occasion you want to dress up, you should be able to find pieces of fine and medium-sized method to get there.

If you will be interested in finding a clothing store to shop in general, it is possible to need to think about visiting a local shopping centers or malls. It’s rare to discover a clothing store located inside these shopping malls. Should you are trying to find clothes for plus size women are far more probably to discover specialty stores than men mainly because they tend being far more popular. It might also be in a position to discover choice premises, plus size stores of clothing on the store within your local telephone directory, online company directories or the recommendations of individuals you know.

The shopping malls as well as local shops size clothing, you are able to also desire to examine the on the web retailers who runs clothing stores to modest and medium-sized online anymore. What’s nice about shopping on-line is you’re usually given a wider selection of vendors and merchandise to select from. This methods how the choices of clothing and accessories for you. It is also essential to remember that on the net shopping can do so at any time of day or night, the comfort of your home. It is possible to easily discover numerous online retailers additional size clothing frequent World wide web research or by asking people who are familiar in the recommendations.

As a reminder, you can find much more pieces of size clothing accessories and fashion for sale. Should you have not updated your wardrobe inside a while, considering I need to do. You can genuinely be much more surprised at the size that may be accessible for sale.