Plus Size Clothing – Find A Good Fit

If you are a larger woman or shop for one, choosing plus size clothing that fits, looks good. and is affordable can be a real challenge. In particular, finding plus size swimwear or plus size lingerie can be quite daunting. The specialty stores that carry a full line of clothes in these sizes also tend to carry a hefty check out price as well.

The smartest approach is getting fitted for the plus size dress you want in a real store first, and the same goes for undergarments and swimwear and everything else. Make a note of your sizes in different brands to order later. If you do this for nothing else, at least have a bra size determined by a professional fitter, whether you are plus size or not. And if possible get fitted for several brands since the sizing may be very different from one to another.

So you can see how it looks and feel how it fits, buying swim wear in person is critical for making the right swimsuit choice for yourself. One money saving technique that employs online shopping is to try on swimsuits in person, get all the information about your choices, then hop on the internet, go to plus size clothing shops to compare, and to make the purchase if you find it online at a more reasonable price. Often, people save 50% or more for swim wear.

If you are one of those lucky women who weighs the same from year to year, you may be able to save bunches of money if you buy that swimsuit or any season-specific clothing when it being cleared out for the next season. Of course, if being in the latest style is important this won’t work, but if not you may be able to make your best deal.

Another option is one some online plus size clothing stores offer that you will never see in a physical store. Someone I knew went to the website of a famous maker of plus size clothing and found amazing deals to order one or more dresses sight unseen for a tiny fraction of the normal price. You gave a size, they choose style and color. Often she got three very nice dresses for the usual price of one. Of course, you want a store with a good return policy unless you are very brave.

Many sellers will offer great bargains in their paper catalogs that are not made available elsewhere, so be sure to look for bargains there. Call any toll free numbers they provide to inquire about current discounts and special offers, as well as examining their websites and catalogs. Another way to save money is to find a “size buddy” who wears the same sizes that you do, so that you can swap clothes and increase both of your wardrobes. You will find that locating someone with the same fashion sense that you have will be worth the trouble.

Use these tips for good fit and good deals for plus size women. Get fitted in a store for proper fit, find a “buddy” if you can, and prowl online and in specialty catalogues for bargains. Even if there’s more of you, you can look great for less!

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