Plus Size Clothing – No Rules No Limits

Plus Size Clothing – No Rules No Limits

There was a time not so long ago that plus size women had very limited choices as far as colors and styles. Most curvy women had to resort to making their own stylish and colorful plus size clothing. Thankfully the tide is turning and it would appear designers and retailers are recognizing the need for more variety above size 12. Even mainstream high end designers are joining in the plus size fashion world. Events such as Full Figure Fashion Week, the City Chic runway show at Melbourne Fashion Week and other events bring attention to the beauty and style that curvy women want and demand from today’s plus size clothing. We are entering into a time where the old rules and limits are being discarded and thrown away.


If You’re Plus Size Wear Dark Colors

This old and tired rule is thankfully dead. Now plus size designers are creating clothing in vibrant neon combinations, exciting prints and mixing them to bring curvy women more choices than ever in color. While dark colors may help hide figure flaws or areas you don’t want to call attention to, it is more how your clothes fit that is more important than what color they are. If you have a hot red dress which fits you well, accentuates your curves and makes you feel sexy it will look better than any loose black frock you can wear.


Plus Size Clothing Should Be Loose

Think moo-moo, tent dress, shapeless and formless baggy clothes with no shape. At one time that was what curvy women were told they should wear. Wrong! If you know your body shape you can wear form fitting and flattering clothing that will make you actually look smaller than if you wear plus size clothing that is miles too big for you. Clothes which are way too large only make you look bigger. Don’t think you’re fooling anyone by walking around with your clothes hanging off of you. You’re the same size if your clothes fit or not so why not make the best of your curves and wear something that actually fits and looks good on you.


Don’t Wear Horizontal Stripes – Ever

Granted horizontal stripes around large hips or a big bum is not the best look. They do have a tendency to make the body part they are on look larger. Use them instead to play up a small bust or call attention away from a part of your figure you want to downplay. Used sparingly and wisely, horizontal stripes can be your friend even in plus size clothing.


Remember fashion is fun and just because your size falls in the plus size clothing range doesn’t mean you can’t wear trendy and stylish clothing. Look for fabrics and cuts which make you feel confident and sexy. A great attitude is your best fashion accessory; so get out there and break some rules.

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