Why Choose Designer Women’s Plus Size Clothing It Fits!

Why Choose Designer Women's Plus Size Clothing It Fits!

Shopping for women’s plus size clothing! Well look no further than the thousands of online stores offering women’s plus size clothing designed exclusively for curvy women. This on it’s own tells you the garments have been made taking into account the natural shape of a woman’s figure as sizes increase. Designer plus size clothing ensures a perfectly fitting garment that doesn’t gape, pull or restrict movement and is comfortable to wear for extended periods.

As the average size of our population in general has increased so to the demand for plus size clothing across the board and the women’s plus size clothing industry is booming. With demand increasing everyday there seems to be a flood of women’s plus size clothing stores popping up online and followed closely is the trendy plus size teenage clothing industry.

Now there is no need for anybody to try and squeeze into a smaller size garment that has been designed for women with a perfect hour glass figure because designer women’s plus size clothing is made using real plus size models of all shapes to determine the correct size-body ratio for clothing designs before proceeding with the manufacturing. The A-line Strapless Court Train Sleeveless Satin/ Chiffon Golden Globe/ Prom Dress pictured below is just one of the hundreds of women’s plus size evening dresses available at Light In The Box.


The options when buying women’s plus size clothing online are not up to the same level as the options available for our smaller size women but the increase in demand for plus size clothing has been waving dollar signs at leading designers to come up with the goods and we have started to see a lot more variety of affordable stylish plus size clothing online. The picture below is taken from the collection of women’s plus size clothing found at La Grande Dame. The denim  leggings by James Jeans have all the features of jeans and the stretch and style of leggings they are made from 85% cotton, 12% polyester and 3% spandex.



Around 1940 if a woman was over a size 18 and needed something nice to wear for a special occasion they had to get a tailor to make it. The dresses they could buy just hung from their shoulder much the same as a nightie and looked like a hessian bag on. I remember my grandma wearing this cardigan that pulled up into the centre of her back, she could never do up the buttons, her arms looked like they wear pushed through a narrow tight short sleeves that created bulges in her upper arm. Interestingly this problem has only started to improve in the last 20years. The picture below is from the Kiyonna collection of women’s plus size dresses, Kiyonna is a leader in the plus-size clothing industry since 1996.




One of the things that makes all the difference today when selecting plus size garments is the unique cut used by designers and the way fabrics incorporate spandex the best thing invented since sliced bread. This amazing product allows stretch and support in all the right places. Spandex is used in fabric to make plus size shapewear, plus size tops, plus size pants, plus size jeans, plus size swimwear, plus size intimates and practically everything else you can think of. Always check to make sure their is just a little spandex or similar product so you know that the garment will give abit in the right places and ensure a comfy fit. The fabric used to make the stylish plus size dress above is  95% Polyester, 5% spandex. 



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